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The Rock Trading ATMs

How to deposit, withdraw or transfer money from and to TheRockTrading.
Deposits and withdrawals are available for the sole purpose of trading. We are not a wallet provider. #beyourownbank


Euro can be deposited via wire transfer (SEPA), OKPAY, Ripple or CryptoCapital.

Euro can be deposit via wire transfer.

You can use the button below for OKPAY deposits.

Ripple is experimental, so don't deposit anything you can afford to loose. A fee of 0.1% will be applied. You will be redirected to your ripple client, you will have to return to this site manually.


Euro can be withdrawn via wire transfer (SEPA), OKPAY or Ripple

Euro can be withdrawn via wire transfer (SEPA). Use the form below to request a SEPA withdrawal.

OKPAY withdrawals are handled manually. This form will open a ticket on our support system with your OKPAY withdrawal request. Please fill all data properly.

A fee of 0.05% will be applied.

To withdraw EURO you first need to trust our ripple address for EUR.

Here you would be able to top up your rock account.